Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Making it easier........

Personalised cuff links with a chain link back

Each one individually hand cut, stamped, filed, shaped and polished

Well Blogger have updated their site so that mobile devices can view the blog on mobile friendly settings....I have activated it but now I need to get a mobile device to see if it really works!!

On other news the search for a job to insert cash in to Silver by K8 continues (as does my fight to resist turning in to a profit orientated retail giant!). So with reality biting I am off to Hong Kong to pursue that job and the lifestyle that might make running a company in my spare time that little bit more realistic profitable without pinching the customer for more money(less tax out in Hong Kong).

Silver by K8 is still producing items (see the pictures above and below) however there will be a longer turnaround time now as I will not see my studio for 6 weeks after it is sent to Hong Kong.....and I need a job before I can send it over so keep your fingers crossed (or hold your thumbs!). I shall be on the trail of silver suppliers and stone suppliers from the minute I land and will keep you up to date of the differences I find and what is better or worse out there for the jewellery industry and international selling.

On a final note for this blog I have noticed that people are not inclined to polish their pieces as often as would be best for the silver.....the answer? Wear it!! Natural body sweat actually keeps the tarnish from building so fast so yes, rub it with your (clean) fingers now and again and when you want the shine back then use an appropriate polishing cloth.

Custom order 'traffic light' pendant of black onyx

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